Polishing Cloths

The Akasel polishing cloths are well known worldwide, for many reasons. The cloths are water, ethanol and oil resistant. A low tack glue keeps the polishing cloth safely on the disc yet allows for easy removal without leaving any residue on the preparation disc. Our wide range of polishing cloths covers diamond polishing, final diamond polishing and oxide polishing and provides outstanding preparation results of all materials. Our Production is flexible, which means that apart from the standard sizes, we can provide any size or diameter of our Aka-cloths – up to 1250 mm on request.

About us

Akasel is a Danish company dedicated to developing, producing and distributing high quality consumables and optimised preparation methods for metallography. That is one of the reasons why we produce the well known polishing cloths. We are represented in more than 30 countries. Akasel is always paying attention to our customers, developing high-quality consumables to help the labs achieve optimum preparation results and maximum reproducibility.

For more information contact us at email: [email protected]